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Plancorp, Inc.
9050 Sweet Valley Drive
Valley View, Ohio 44125
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Supporting You and Your Employees

Our Associates and staff strive to provide clients with the service and support they should expect from their benefit planning organization. We work to effectively communicate benefit packages, educate employees about available plan options, and manage the enrollment process. In addition to onsite meetings, we can provide customized benefit booklets for use both as an enrollment guide and on-going employee resource. For firms who utilize technology, we can design customized benefit websites for your company.

Perhaps most importantly, our knowledgeable and experienced staff is available to support your benefit plans by responding to questions regarding issues such as coverage, claims, and eligibility or to handle problems that may arise. Plancorp, Inc. also provides periodic updates on health care reform and other legal or tax changes that might impact benefit plans or your business in general.

To be added to our update list or for additional information about our benefit booklet or customized websites, contact us at

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