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Medicare Options

Are you about to turn age 65, over age 65 but losing you company health insurance plan, or already covered by Medicare but want to consider supplemental options? Your Medicare coverage is one of the most important but confusing decisions you have to make. Do you want to keep your doctors and hospital? What is the best prescription drug benefit for your situation? How much can you afford in monthly premiums? What out-of-pocket costs do you feel comfortable in having? Would an “Advantage” plan be right for you?

Plancorp, Inc. can help you find the Medicare supplemental plan option that best meets your individual needs. We work with many regional and national health insurance companies that offer the quality and affordable coverage. Our Associates provide this assistance at no additional cost to you!

For more information, quotes, or questions about your Medicare options, contact Sharon Zirkle at, or by phone at 216-573-2719.


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